Chinese medicine originated many centuries ago and during that time managed to amass a huge experience and a lot of knowledge about prevention and treatment of diseases.

We invite you to visit our Center of Chinese Traditional Medicine, which combines the expertise and achievements of modern Western medicine. This approach provides a complete diagnosis of the organism, as well as fast and efficient treatment and prevention of various diseases and general health of the body.

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Diagnostics  There are four types of diagnostic methods in Chinese medicine: observation, hearing and smell, the state language, the definition of the diagnosis of the patient’s pulse.
Massages Chinese spot and classic massage, which are based on the impact on the biologically active points and entire reflex zones.  
Preparations Company Lee West – one of the largest companies involved in the sales of medical drugs developed by Chinese medicine prescriptions.
Cosmetology Chinese cosmetic procedures to help effectively, without addiction and completely safe for the body to maintain the beauty of the face and whole body health.

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A method of treating formulation specially made needle biologically active points effective in the treatment of many diseases.

Cupping massage

Massage a specific zone vacuum jar slip method. Effective if there is muscle pain, stimulates blood circulation, relieves congestion.

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