Guasha massage

Price: 70-65 lev

* The cost of the massage may vary depending on the specialist performing the massage

Translation of this name: gua - movement in one direction, scrape; sha - bad, i.e. “scrape all the bad.” This is the oldest type of Chinese massage.

Gouache massage is performed with buffalo horn scrapers and special oil. The effect of its effect occurs immediately: in the beginning the healing area becomes very red. Burning may also occur. In those places of the skin, where a pathological process is established, hemorrhagic spots appear - "sha". These places contain an increased amount of lactic acid. The color of the spots can be almost black - this is "inanimate" blood. The appearance of these hemorrhages may frighten the patient, but the procedure itself is almost painless. Only occasionally, with a started process and large hemorrhages, the patient can feel pain, which immediately subsides when the impact on the treatment area ceases. For hours, warm water should be drunk during the day to ensure increased excretion of toxins from the body. After the session, severe fatigue may occur, such as after exercise: the effect of the impact is equal to a distance of 20 km. The frequency of the procedures is 1-2 times a week after the disappearance of the bruises from the previous massage. The course includes 4-6 sessions in combination with other types of massages. Such courses are recommended twice a year.

With the help of Gouache massage, the specialist affects the whole body, normalizing the internal effects between the organs, which leads to the disappearance of a specific pathological process, general healing and rejuvenation. The application of this method slows down aging. In osteochondrosis, the blood circulation in the affected areas improves, the lymph outflow increases, at the expense of which the swelling is eliminated and at the same time the pain syndrome disappears and the muscle spasm disappears. They affect the active points around the diseased joint, relieve swelling of the surrounding tissues, restore normal blood and lymph flow, eliminate pain and improve joint mobility.

In colds and bronchitis - affect the projection points of the lungs, eliminate swelling of the bronchi, improve drainage function of the respiratory tract, shortness of breath and reduce cough.

In cholecystitis, the Gouache procedure eliminates the spasm of the gallbladder, normalizes its motility, relieves pain and nausea. Conducting gouache massage of the reflexogenic zones in the lower back and abdomen improves blood circulation and normalizes lymph flow in the pelvis, which eliminates blood stagnation in this area, relieves inflammation and normalizes the functional activity of the organs in the pelvis. The effect on certain areas of the body also improves the cardiovascular system: lowers blood pressure, normalizes heart rate, relieves shortness of breath caused by heart disease. Gouache massage improves the condition of the skin - at the expense of the removed toxins the pigmentation and acne disappear and the skin is rejuvenated. There is also a beneficial effect on the nervous system: sleep improves, anxiety is relieved, appetite is improved, disturbed due to nervous diseases. In general, the body's tone and resistance to infections increases.



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