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We started our activity in Bulgaria in 2008 with one small office, in 2011 we moved to our premises with the status of "Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine", having a large number of regular clients. We promote a healthy lifestyle, give lectures and conduct seminars in Varna.


Since 2018, another TCM Center has been opened in Burgas (st 4 Ohrid).
During this time, our team has grown, qualified specialists have joined, they are young and talented. In our center, in addition to quality services, you will receive understanding and support, plunge into an atmosphere of peace and harmony.


Our mission is to restore the health of the Bulgarian nation. We want to help people live in harmony with themselves, people, God and nature. Our goal is also to introduce integrative medicine - the fusion of Eastern and Western medicine

Leading experts

Professor Dr. Ni

Dr. Ni

Professor Gennady Ni. Doctor - psychoneurologist, professor of traditional Chinese medicine in cerebrology and neuropsychiatric diseases, psychotherapist, Qigong instructor

Cosmetologist Natalia Sakharova

Natalia Sakharova

TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) cosmetologist, Qigong instructor, TCM specialist

Doctor Dr. Pavel Ni.

Dr. Pavel Ni.

Dr. Pavel Ni. Traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong instructor, specialist in Chinese massage techniques

Cosmetologist Anna Ni

Anna Ni

Cosmetologist - massage therapist, specialist in Chinese massage techniques

Masseur Oksana Volodina

Oksana Volodina


Cosmetologist Ulyana Kolchanova

Ulyana Kolchanova

Cosmetologist-massage therapist with medical education, specialist in facial massage techniques

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