1 session - 60-65 BGN

The method of treatment by setting specially made needles into biologically active points is effective in treating a large number of diseases. However, the greatest effect is observed in the treatment of functional disorders and pain. Chinese acupuncturists claim to be able to treat over 250 different diseases. Among them - diseases of the nervous system, including paresis of the facial nerve and osteochondrosis, disorders of the digestive system, heart, kidneys.
The effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system has already been confirmed not only in the East, but also in the West, as well as in our center, many satisfied clients have received stable results.
For some people, acupuncture becomes the “last resort” they turn to when traditional medicine can no longer help. But this approach is fundamentally wrong. The best effect with the help of this method of treatment can be achieved precisely at an early stage, when functional disorders in the work of organs have not yet led to organic changes.

The advantages of acupuncture: an individual approach and quick results

Scientists of the East in their ancient treatises argued that all changes in the body, except for trauma, occur after a prolonged dysfunction of certain organs. These subtle disturbances, including psychological or emotional changes, can last for years. They are the first signs of disease. And only at this stage, acupuncture will be most effective and can prevent the development of disease and damage to organs.

Price for acupuncture session - 60-65 BGN

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