Anti-cellulite massage using TCM techniques

Стоимость: 75-80 лв

* The cost of the massage may vary depending on the specialist performing the massage

Anti-cellulite massage is performed using special techniques based on the knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine with essential oils that improve blood circulation and lymph flow.

To achieve the maximum effect of the massage, it is necessary to take into account the presence (absence) of edema, concomitant diseases, obesity, etc. The therapeutic course of anti-cellulite massage includes elements of lymphatic drainage. Unlike classical techniques, Chinese anti-cellulite massage is distinguished by the absence of painful procedures. The massage is focused on the subcutaneous fat layer (SFA). For this purpose, special techniques are used to control the depth of the massage. Anti-cellulite massage procedures, if necessary, alternate with lymphatic drainage procedures.

Lymphatic drainage massage leads to increased microcirculation in problem areas, which ensures an adequate outflow of lymph from the periphery to the center .



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