1 session - 20 BGN

Influence on biologically active points is the basis of oriental medicine. And, it turns out, it is not always necessary to involve the whole body, sometimes only a small part of it is enough. There are about 200 active points on our auricles, and all of them are connected with internal organs.

Auriculotherapy is one of the methods of reflexology, which includes exposure to biologically active points located on the auricle. It is believed that the human ear is like a fetus lying upside down in the womb, and not only in appearance, but also in content, the ear repeats the human body. Therefore, all the points that are on the body - are on our ear.

The main advantages of auriculotherapy:

high efficiency and no side effects. The method dates back to ancient times. In ancient times, it was used as a pain reliever, helping to numb toothache, joint pain and headaches.


. In the modern world, auriculotherapy helps to get rid of a wider range of problems:
  • Overweight;
  • Nicotine addiction;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Metabolic disorders;
  • Radiculitis;
  • Neuralgia;
  • Spine diseases;
  • Neurosis;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Migraine.
To perform the procedure, microneedles (buttons) are used, which are set for 1 day or three weeks. The buttons are set at specific points, depending on the problem the patient is dealing with. Here, at the DYNASTY TCM Center, you can install a "button" for increased appetite. This button is set for 10-14 days and helps to get rid of excess weight with the help of a microneedle, which blocks the points responsible for hunger and thirst. The microneedle eliminates strong appetite and is a good "helper" at the beginning of the diet, helping to move from a hearty dinner to light and healthy meals. This method will be effective if, after removing the button, you continue to maintain a healthy diet and do not start again eating unhealthy and fatty foods in large quantities.

Price for auriculotherapy session - 20 levs

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