Facial cleansing

Price: 70-80 lev - 90 min

* The cost of the massage may vary depending on the specialist performing the massage

Facial cleansing is the most common cosmetic procedure. This meant cleansing from all excess dirt clogged pores, comedones (inflamed Sebaceous caps-acne), dead cells. Regular cleaning person shows at all, with the exception of the children before the onset of puberty. Besides the obvious hygienic effect facial cleansing is essential for the stimulation of metabolic processes and processes of nutrition and blood supply to the skin and bring back the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Instructions for cleaning the face:

  • Sebaceous skin with enlarged pores (“orange peel”),
  • comedones
  • Healing phase (training for “cleansing of acne),
  • combination and fading of the skin, which creates prerequisites for rapid contamination of skin,
  • leather with weak marked turgorom and tone.



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