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We also offer gymnastics-qigong. Translated from the Chinese, "qi" is the internal energy of the body. In China, it explores more than three thousand years. Qigong is a set of exercises designed to improve the functions of internal organs and the development of internal energy.

Qigong is not only an effective means of improving health, it helps attain spiritual and physical balance.

Qigong masters are confident that in the very near time qigong will become very popular and lead many to a healthier, happier life because qigong can engage people of any religion, age and health status.

Regular classes:

Increases energy levels and improves vitality

Improves the well-being and State of health

One gains a strong sense of physical and spiritual harmony

Increases the level of emotional stability

Dropping weight

To better understand the essence of the exercise, you need to "see" how a breeze flutters the leaves on a tree, how slowly float across the sky clouds. The purpose of the Chinese gymnastics-return man in the bosom of nature, return man harmony. Qigong improves our psyche, makes people calmer and more self-confident.

In addition, when regular classes from cleans body qigong slags, fatigue disappears, restored the work of internal organs and chronic "inveterate" disease. Normalizes blood pressure, strengthens muscles, joints become more flexible, and bones are strong. Rejuvenation of all cells. 234And yet. If you learn to understand your body, you will forget about the problem of excess weight. After regular training improves, normal work of digestive organs, and to harmful products produced strong aversion.

A huge advantage of Chinese gymnastics is that it can begin at any age. And even if you've never been friends with sports. Try, and qigong will become your personal trainer, nutritionist and psychologist rolled into one!

Qigong can work wonders. Regular exercises strengthen and the spirit and the body, helping to cope with a variety of ailments. Try it yourself with our lessons/qigong!

One lesson

in the Park - 2BGN    in the hall - 10BGN
Month subscription

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