Eastern folk wisdom says that a person's face primarily determines the state of his health. It is here, as in a mirror surface, that internal ailments are reflected, forcing the skin to turn pale and lose elasticity, as well as the juicy colors of youth.

In recent years, the West has been discovering the mysteries of the East with great interest, including oriental cosmetology. The experience accumulated over thousands of years, an integrated approach to beauty (when prescribing cosmetics or procedures, not only the characteristics of the skin type, but also the state of health according to the constitutional type are taken into account), the specificity of massage techniques, and much more attract the attention of not only women, but also men.

Facial massages due to the study of biologically active points, work with the lymphatic system, as well as the inclusion of techniques for working with jade scrapers, all this in a complex has not only a rejuvenating, but also a healing effect on the client.

The comprehensive approach to health and beauty, which you can get in the "Dynasty" center, guarantees you not only youth and beauty, but also energy and longevity. Our motto is to maintain beauty by maintaining health.

In ancient China, massage was purposefully used to heal the sick. It has been known since then that such work with the body involves all organs. Massage improves blood circulation, metabolism and other vital functions of the body. In addition, during a massage session through the pores of the skin, fat and toxins are removed from the body with sweat, and the skin itself acquires firmness, smoothness and elasticity.

It is very important to relieve stress and fatigue - in this way massage helps to increase physical and mental performance. Massage can even replace sports training - at least the body experiences no less stress during the treatment procedure, and therefore massage is highly recommended for those who, not being able to play sports, want to keep themselves in excellent shape.

Natural Korean cosmetics

We also offer Korean cosmetics for home spa care, as it has won the hearts of European women for many years. Korean facials are incredibly effective.

Cosmetics from Korea are natural, affordable prices compared to European brands, high quality and guaranteed efficiency, centuries-old traditions of oriental medicine and cutting edge technologies. You can buy Korean cosmetics at an affordable price, with delivery: original products based on the swallow's nest, snail mucus (mucin), horse fat; alginate night and day masks, eye patches, toners, hyaluronic serums, emulsions, hydrophilic oils, bb creams and much more - everything you need for your beauty and the health of your skin.

Ние ще ви помогнем да намерите необходимите и подходящи за вас инструменти и като подарък за вашите приятели и близки.

We conduct a master class on face care with Korean cosmetics brands.


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