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Chinese types of diagnostics differ from European ones in that they establish the cause of the disease, find the source of the onset of the illness. To make the picture complete enough, we use the main three types of diagnostics: Pulse diagnostics, tongue diagnostics and Su Jok diagnostics.


Pulse diagnostics

Pulse diagnosis is a study of the pulse at special points on the inner sides of the wrists of both hands of a person. There are six such points in total - three on each hand.
Each of these six points corresponds to one or another pair of internal organs, for example, the heart and small intestine, lungs and large intestine.
All internal organs in Eastern medicine are conventionally divided into hollow and dense.
Dense organs are the heart, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and liver.
The hollow organs are the small and large intestines, stomach, gallbladder, bladder and triple heater.
Dense and hollow organs form pairs with each other. Each point examined on the wrists during pulse diagnostics corresponds to one or another pair of internal organs.
The doctor of oriental medicine simultaneously feels the pulse with the pads of the index, middle and ring fingers, determining the pulse of dense organs under the upper point of pressure, and hollow organs under the lower point of pressure.
Pulse diagnostics shows the condition of the internal organs, as well as blood stagnation and lack of energy or excess of pathogenic factors.


Tongue diagnostics "she-zhen"

Tongue diagnostics "she-zhen", along with pulse diagnostics, is an integral part of the patient's examination by a doctor. The patient's tongue and pulse are the keys to detecting many diseases. Changes in the appearance of the tongue and changes in the normal functioning of the pulse are symptoms of disorders in the proper functioning of human organs.

  • The tip of the tongue - the heart, the cardiovascular system.
  • The area following the tip of the tongue - the respiratory and immune systems.
  • The central area - the organs of the digestive system.
  • The sides of the tongue - the work of the liver.
  • The back - responsible for the genitourinary system.
  • As a rule, Chinese doctors examine the tongue itself and its plaque.
  1. Checkup of the tongue includes: Checkup of the spirit of the tongue - mobile, lively, or dry and wrinkled.
  2. The color of the tongue - white (lack of Qi and blood), red (fire syndrome), dark red (accumulation of fire), purple (stagnation due to fire or cold)
  3. Body - old tongue or young, thick or thin, cilia of the tongue, presence of scratches, teeth imprints and blood vessels under the tongue.
  4. State of the tongue - hard or soft, deviation of the tongue to the side, compression of the tongue, etc.
  5. Checkup of plaque includes: 1. Color - white (mainly cold syndrome), yellow (internal fire syndrome), gray (internal fire syndrome, cold and enemies) and black bloom (internal cold syndrome or Yang emptiness or wounds of currents)
  6. Plaque thickness - superficial or internal syndrome.
  7. Wet or dry - the state of body fluids.
  8. Spotted (geographical) plaque - the state of Chi and Yin

Su Jok diagnostics

South Korean professor Park Jae Woo has developed a method of Su Jok therapy, which is based on the reflex projection of all organs of our body on the hands (Su) and feet (Jock). The hands and feet, possessing a large number of receptor fields, are associated with various parts of the body. Based on this theory, Su Jok diagnostics has become popular in the eastern countries, which we offer to our clients.

I lost money - I did not lose anything, I lost time - I lost a lot, I lost my health - I lost everything. (Chinese wisdom)

In our center, you can undergo all three types of diagnostics, after which you will receive a description of the condition of your body, and you will also be assigned a treatment program with Chinese medicinal products on a natural basis. In addition, if necessary, you will be prescribed a course of treatment procedures in accordance with your established diagnosis.

Price - 85 lev

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