456,546“Five diagnostic methods, which include Visual inspection, listening to the complaints of the patient and the sense of smell, anamnesis data pulse palpation method probing, as well as diagnostics of Su jok.”

Method of diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine lies in the four basic concepts: a Visual survey of the patient, listening to complaints and examination with the help of hearing and smell, patient’s inquiry about his feelings, probing pulse and method of palpation.

Visual inspection: this method includes inspection of the general condition of the patient, the presence of plaque and various secretions in a patient. Thus, doctors learn about the patient’s condition.

Auscultation and Olfaction: the doctor listens to the voice and breath of the patient as a person coughs. Carrying out this procedure, the doctor also learns about the State of his patient.

234Poll: physician sets patient issues concerned with the general condition and learns the reason and period of malaise, are questions about the causes and course of the disease, the preceding in the development of the disease factors, the process of treatment and medical history. Thus, physicians summarize the information received and make up the picture of the current and the evolution of the disease in a patient. As a final step, the doctor learns of the causes and factors in the development of disease in the patient and based on these data, assigns a certain treatment.

Digital pulse palpation: the doctor learns about the condition of the patient feeling his pulse. These four diagnostic method is still widely used at present. This is one of the most important argument in the decreeing of diagnosis and further treatment in Chinese medicine.

154South Korean Professor Pak Jae Woo Su Jok therapy developed a methodology that is based on reflex projection of all the organs of our body to the hands (Su) and feet (Jock). Hand and foot, with a large number of receptor fields associated with different parts of the body. If you experience painful processes in organs or systems of the body, hands and feet are having painful point of “conformity”, associated with these bodies. Massaging the points on them, you can save yourself from disease of the body for which they are responsible. Massage can be performed by any blunt subject until this point stimulation does not become painless. Using this scheme, you will easily understand what dots on the Palms should be encouraged to get rid of this or that disease of a particular body.

In the Centre is conducted and Diagnostics these points special apparatus, which checks the functioning of internal organs on a projection of the left hand points.

Money is lost nothing is lost-time lost much lost, health lost-all lost. (Chinese proverb)

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