Foot massage

Price: 45 lev / 40 min 60 lev / 60 min

* The cost of the massage may vary depending on the specialist performing the massage

"Legs are the second heart" - Chinese wisdom

On the surface of our feet are special reflex points that are connected to all internal organs. Followers of traditional Eastern medicine have shown that the stimulation of these areas with the help of certain methods makes it possible to positively affect the affected systems of the body. Each point is responsible for a specific organ in our body, and the sequence of actions of the specialist is always aimed at achieving normalization of all body functions, as well as its overall recovery. Foot massages, as well as foot massages in particular, are practiced today by different cultures, but have been practiced in China for more than three millennia.

Foot massage, in practice, in all cases gives positive results, both curative and prophylactic. More than that, the effect of the impact on the feet affects the whole body. If the manipulations are performed correctly, they can give many benefits in: respiratory diseases, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, circulatory disorders, menstrual disorders and fluid retention in the body.

In addition, foot massages are excellent for local diseases of the knees, thighs, neuralgia, headaches, palpitations, anxiety and systemic stress. In the East there is the aphorism: "When a tree grows old, its root grows old first, and when a man grows old, his feet grow old first." Regular foot massage is an effective, rejuvenating method of TCM.



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