Facial massage

It has been noticed that Chinese women retain their youth and beauty more than women of other Nations. And that’s not good genetics or special climate, their secret Chinese rejuvenating massage. Regular massage movements consists not only in the field of culture, but also in the everyday life of Chinese beauties. Famous ladies to hire yourself Massage people just tried to make himself a rejuvenating Massage alone.

Chinese massage-is a reflection of the ancient Chinese knowledge of the structure of the human body and its vital energy, and because it is very different from European. For Chinese rejuvenating massage is mainly a transfer of energy. Warm strokes along the meridians, the exact pressure on acupuncture points Chinese master does not extend and does not cause any skin.

Another ancient principle, strictly followed in our Center-approach to each client must be comprehensive and strictly individual. Doctors of Chinese medicine teaches that each individual organ disease is a disease of the whole organism. Accordingly, if the current doctor of Chinese medicine will make you a rejuvenating facial massage, this is beyond any kind of problems (swelling, redness, double chin) will see the body of the disease. And in the course of acupressure Massage will decide not only aesthetic, but also harmonize the whole body issues.

Eastern folk wisdom says — man basically determines the State of his health. Here as a mirror surface reflects internal diseases, causes the skin loses elasticity and fades over time, and juicy colors of youth.

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Mesotherapy is an advanced technique for rejuvenation of the face using the skin or under the skin of medications and vitamins. What will be, depends on the nature of the heart of the problem to be solved. This can be varied mezokoktejli of drugs and vitamins.

The composition of the mezokoktejlej may include antioxidants, trace elements, amino acids, etc. Mesotherapy as a skin rejuvenation technique was developed more than 50 years and continuous improvement. On the Internet you will find a lot of positive feedback about the procedure, which only confirms the high efficiency of the method.

Mesotherapy is very effective in the fight against wrinkles, unlike expensive creams that promise to quickly get rid of wrinkles. Creams only affects the surface of the skin, such as Mesotherapy allows nutrients penetrate directly under the skin and, for example, are particularly effective for removing wrinkles around the eyes.

Mesotherapy (from other Greek. Μέσος-medium and θεραπεία-treatment) is a technique of modern medicine, aimed at correcting the shortcomings of the cosmetic skin care for face and body.

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Body massages

In ancient China, targeted massage for healing the sick. Since then it is known that this work includes all the organs of the body. Thanks to massage improves blood circulation, metabolism and other vital body functions. In addition, during the massage session in the pores of the skin from the body then appear fat and waste, and when the skin gets elasticity, softness and elasticity.

Relieve tension and fatigue is important — so Massage promotes increase of physical and mental health. Massage can replace sports training – at least the load during a medical procedure, the body experiences no less, because massage is highly recommended for those who are unable to participate in sports, wants to keep yourself in great shape.

Of course, the form is still looking, well, massage and completely proven as a means to combat obesity, fat deposits and mučaûŝego many women, cellulite is “orange peel” on the thighs. Of course, you can pace yourself with diets, but the body is better and nicer! Especially appreciate you ladies, by the nature of the service for a long time sitting in a tense, awkward posture, especially while driving.

In addition, under the influence of massage on the skin, formed and are biologically active substances in the blood, tissue hormones that occur vascular response, transmission of nerve impulses and other processes. Under the influence of the massage is fast formation of histamine and other similar substances, raznosâŝihsâ blood and lymphatic circulation throughout the body and which have beneficial effects on blood vessels, organs and systems.

The goal of Massage therapy is to restore the free flow of “Chi” energy and thereby bring harmony and balance to the body. During the massage is the redistribution of energy is balanced by the balance of yin and Yang, respectively increasing human capabilities.

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Need to remove unwanted hair from various parts of the body is an ancient practice, which corresponds to the men and women from the beginning of mankind. This need came for reasons of security and survival in the early stages and then came the hygiene and aesthetic.

Over the past hundred years the hair removal systems evolved at breakneck speed. Currently, men and women have access to a huge amount of systems and methods of hair removal in the different areas of your body. These hair removal methods can be divided into two categories: permanent hair removal system (temporary).

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. «Permanent method of hair removal, as the name suggests, provide a high level of efficiency in removing hair for years. This kind of hair does not have to do regularly is enough to pass a course of 6 to 10 treatments to completely get rid of unwanted hair. It is worth noting that even with such incredible results, all one needs to do in the control procedure 1 time in 2 years.

Temporary methods have their advantages, but, unfortunately, they do not remove hair permanently, such hair removal must be systematically repeated throughout life.

Smooth smooth skin-a dream of every woman, but the skin should be regularly to look after.

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Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing is the most common cosmetic procedure. This meant cleansing from all excess dirt clogged pores, comedones (inflamed Sebaceous caps-acne), dead cells.

Regular cleaning person shows at all, with the exception of the children before the onset of puberty.

Besides the obvious hygienic effect facial cleansing is essential for the stimulation of metabolic processes and processes of nutrition and blood supply to the skin and bring back the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Instructions for cleaning the face:

  • Sebaceous skin with enlarged pores (“orange peel”),
  • comedones
  • Healing phase (training for “cleansing of acne), Acne
  • combination and fading of the skin, which creates prerequisites for rapid contamination of skin,
  • leather with weak marked turgorom and tone.

You can often hear the recommendations face cleaning times per week on oily skin, but the challenge of the need to minimize the traumatic pretty cosmetic procedures to a minimum.

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Natural cosmetics

Why all the cosmetics women choose makeup “whether it is West?

At the core of each of our series is the basic principle of the East: recovery of Cosmetology skin health rather than mask the problem.

The natural ingredients of cosmetics – plant extracts, minerals, natural oils, herbal Powder River pearls-they all have unique healing properties and has a beneficial effect on the health of your skin.

Cosmetics fully meet all the basic needs of your skin.

If you want, you can get advice, a beautician who will assist you in choosing cosmetics exclusively for your skin, with records of its individual characteristics. Cosmetic procedures may also include parallel application healing products of traditional Chinese medicine because sometimes our skin problems come from the General State of our body as a whole.

Cosmetic company “Lee West” are based on ancient recipes and are not just for professional care, but also for private use at home.

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