Attitude to eating and weight loss strategy in Western and Eastern cultures always differed. If in the West to slimming fit with purely scientific and professional point of view, in the East of the long tradition of the relationship to your body as a sanctuary, not cherish it throw it horrible, and in no case are experimenting with their health.

We offer you to get acquainted with traditional Chinese dietologiej, and with popular diets in the West.

 Weight loss strategy in traditional Chinese medicine 

In traditional Chinese medicine is not only to lose weight counting calories and debilitating exercises. Most of the rules for the maintenance of normal weight is to strengthen, maintain and provide better conductivity of life energy qi. Strengthening vital energy speeds up the metabolism and improves mood. When we have vital energy in abundance, and it runs smoothly over the body and internal organs, we are working correctly. If the energy Qi in the digestive system is strong enough, our bodies will have greater ability to transform food consumed calories not the accumulated fat and energy. And yes the fat reserves will be depleted faster. Two factors that often weaken the vitality is stress and lack of sleep.
Prolonged stress and constant lack of sleep increases levels of the hormone cortisol, which causes the body to accumulate fat. Tired and exhausted body stress management doesn't want to part with weight, that is the law of nature. With the strengthening of the Qi energy lose weight becomes much easier. When this energy is strong and, most importantly, stable, disappearing food excesses, unhealthy appetite and compulsive overeating.

How to strengthen vitality?

Правило №1: Try to eat foods with high energy Qi, i.e. with natural energy. It is primarily natural products with a high degree of freshness. Chinese believe that the farther the fruit or vegetable is consumed from the place of its maturation, the less energy in it. Yes, everyone knows how the taste of an Apple, a torn and eaten in the country, is different from the taste of an Apple store. In addition to vegetables and fruit grain products possess high energy, natural dairy products, honey, fresh meat and fish. Avoid prepackaged and processed foods, as well as those in which various chemicals have been added (especially artificial sweeteners, colorings and preservatives), and even recycled the so-called "Dietetic food" (bars-Granola yogurt, low-fat desserts, etc.), which is poor not so much calories, how many nutrients. And indeed, the focus on the quality rather than the quantity of food consumed.

Правило №2:Don't change too often or drastically their food regime, nor the time eating, nor on the composition and quantity of the products. Very bad throw from one diet to another. This is especially true for people with not very strong digestive system, which is usually after eating feeling a different kind of discomfort-gravity in the stomach, heartburn, bloating, etc. In General, when choosing your diet you should primarily be guided by your well-being after eating.

Правило №3: Eat slowly and thoughtfully. It is in the West came up with steals on the run and snacks of junk food, and therefore it is in Western countries, so the problem of obesity. For Oriental people eating a leisurely ritual performed with your family or friends. A delight to taste and smell of food gives satisfaction with fewer food and helps avoid overeating and psychological hunger. Not to mention that it's useful for digestion. Of course, not every day working person will be able to dine for a leisurely family meal, but at least determine to eating a sufficient amount of time, and not get distracted while eating, such as phone calls, lively conversations or tv shows.

Правило №4:Live in accordance with the natural rhythms of your body. Zaleživajtes′ not in bed in the morning and we not late at night. Be sure to eat breakfast. The best time for learning breakfast with up to 7 9:00 am. Tight dine and easily Dine (the Chinese made dinner very early in 5:00 pm). If you want to take a NAP in the afternoon, you'll need to satisfy this desire, and at least 10-15 minutes.

Правило №5:Go to bed no later than 10:30-11:00 pm. This is to ensure that the liver and other organs managed to how should cleanse the body from toxic and unwanted substances. According to traditional Chinese medicine liver cleans the blood from 1 to 3:00 night, and that this process was most effectively, you need sound asleep until 1:00 night. In addition, adequate sleep is important for proper metabolism.

Правило №6:Lift up the energy Qi light, frustrating not exercises. In addition to the traditionally Chinese exercise systems, vitality well strengthen recovery qigong, swimming, walking outdoors, gardening. These activities provided they perform well with pleasure restore exhausted energy and balance body and spirit, that is, relieve stress and fatigue.

Правило №7:And, of course, how can do without Chinese medicine acupuncture. Many people acupuncture helps relieve food dependence and get rid of compulsive overeating. So it may be worth a try. Many people admit that after a few sessions of acupuncture feel hungry exactly in the desired periods of the day, but not too hungry to overeat. They are less susceptible to stress and do not need food as a means of consolation under stress.


Weight loss programs

Slimming programmes always are prepared individually, taking into account the peculiarities of figures (so-called women's "pear", "Apple"), the internal problems of the body. If necessary, you can help the therapist. In addition to TCM drugs offer lymph massages, aurikoloterapiû, acupuncture and massage for slimming (abdominal massage and anti-cellulite massages) that contribute to the breakdown of fat, improve skin structure and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Can also offer to familiarize themselves with the respiratory gymnastics Chi Kung.

The number of treatments is always individually. Our task is to create an optimal program individuaûlnuû for everyone to work together with the client and does not harm the organism.



  • Диета 6 лепестков


    Diet petals (6 petals)-description and general principles

    Diet six petals developed an outstanding Swedish doctor-dietician Anna Johansson, who has devoted most of his life creating a "vaccine" against the overweight, and it succeeded. So what is the essence of radar diet? Whether it is effective? And here in general the petals, you ask? So, let's all get on the shelves and will try to answer your questions.

    Diet six petals refers to a separate power supply, which further enhances its effectiveness. It was designed for six days, during which the thinner must adhere to a rigorous sequence of reaching each other six monodiet. The principle of diet is quite simple: the first day it is necessary to observe the first 24-hour monodietu, i.e. to use identical in chemical composition of foods, the second day of the second and so on.

    Dietitians Association unanimously decided in favor of a radar diet. As a result of the voluntary tests had revealed its positive impact not only on the metabolic processes, but also on the overall performance of the body. Female hudeli literally, frozen arrow weights finally shuddered and began to issue all smaller and smaller results. Minus 500-800 grams per day-and it's all thanks to radar diet.

    And with then petals? Everything is very simple: it is such an original psychological ploy aimed at maintaining the "mental health" women's slimming. Developing methodology, Anna Johansson sought to psychologically encourage their followers. Before you use this method, Anna recommends to sew flower with six petals, where you must write the name of each monodiet. Then hang it in a prominent place and tear off daily on the corresponding lobe. It certainly would enhance the effect and will transfer the diet much easier, believe me. That's the whole secret.

    Diet 6 petals-what foods can be eaten

    Diet six petals is based on the use of all six product groups. These include fish, vegetables, cereals, cheese, chicken, and on the sixth day can enjoy a fruit.

    Fish, even fat and can be eaten boiled or baked form. Feel free to add in salt dishes, as well as herbs, natural seasonings and spices. This "protein" approach will shake up the body and make it work against fat. Vegetables are allowed to use any: raw, boiled, baked, steamed, etc. Chicken day implies use only chicken meat, which can also be cooked in a variety of ways. The same applies to cereals, and fruits.

    During the day, drinking is allowed a little curd milk high fat content. During the "flower" never disregard the liquid diet, drink as much as you want. As drinks can be recommend mild green or herbal tea, water, fruit and a sixth day supplement beneficial fresh juices.

    Diet 6 petals-what products not to consume

    Radar diet accompanied by complete abandonment of sugar, chocolate, preservatives, sweets (except fruit) bread, all kinds of oils and other food groups, not provided for in the composition menu of this diet. In addition, all ingredients must be of high quality, fresh and well rounded, otherwise the likelihood of food poisoning.

    Diet 6 petals-menu examples

    Before you begin to consider the menu, let's see some rules that must be followed in the process of this diet. Firstly, it is necessary to thoroughly chew your food slowly, slowly, as if savoring every morsel. Secondly, in the course of the meal is not recommended to consume plenty of fluids to not interfere with digestion. But in between meals, you can drink as much as you like. And thirdly, eat as often as possible, but small portions. This will minimize the load on the digestive tract. As far as snacking, they better not to get involved.

    So, it is essential to observe diet radar consistency monodiet, in this order:

    1. Day 1-fish products
    2. Second day-vegetable products
    3. Day three-chicken products
    4. Day four-grain products
    5. Day five-cheese products
    6. Sixth day-fruit products

    Day one:

    8:00-boiled fish with the addition of a small amount of salt and spices 11:00-fish baked in its own juices, with the addition of greenery and a small amount of salt 14:00-thick fish ear, without the use of vegetables and other components 17:00-fish, steamed, with addition of natural spices 20:00-boiled fish with a minimum amount of salt Between meals: fish broth, unsweetened tea

    Day two:

    8:00-2 medium carrots, grinded on the grater. 11:00-mashed potatoes without oil with the addition of liquid, which was cooked potatoes 14:00-stewed vegetables (mixed vegetables) seasoned salt 17:00-whole vegetables, steamed 20:00-raw vegetables Between meals: freshly squeezed vegetable juice, unsweet tea

    Day three:

    8:00-boiled chicken breast 11:00-baked chicken breasts in foil with adding natural spices 14:00-chicken soup with herbs and spices 17:00-chicken cooked in the grill (without skin) 20:00-boiled chicken Between meals: low-fat chicken broth, tea

    Day four:

    8:00-sprouted wheat porridge, boiled in water 11:00-buckwheat porridge with salt and spices, cooked in water 14:00-no steamed rice 17:00-oatmeal in water + 50 grams of nuts or sunflower seeds 20:00-buckwheat porridge with Greens Between meals: allowed small amounts of natural, herbal teas, kvass

    The fifth day:

    8:00-low-fat cottage cheese with 1-2 tablespoons natural yoghurt without additives 11:00-low-fat cottage cheese with the addition of a small quantity of milk 14:00-low-fat cottage cheese without all 17:00-cottage cheese with milk 20:00-low-fat cottage cheese without all Between meals: all day drink 1 glass of milk, tea in any quantity

    The sixth day:

    8:00-two Red Apple + a cup of coffee 11:00-one banana 14:00-grape + Orange 17:00-pineapple + Kiwi 20:00-two Green apples Between meals: freshly squeezed fruit juices, herbal teas

    For best results your diet "six petals" advisable to repeat after six, seven-day rehabilitation.

    Diet petals (radar diet)-useful tips and reviews

    Despite the drab and frugal diet, radar diet, according to the majority of women, is transferred very easily. There is no psychological discomfort inherent in virtually any monodiete. Apparently, her "coat of arms"-handmade flower is truly inspiring and attached forces, supporting the ardent desire to lose weight and not off halfway. Diet "6 petals" is certainly useful, it creates a powerful drainage body, but if you decide to use it, be sure to consult with your doctor.

  • Питание по системе пяти элементов

    The five elements

    "The five elements is a natural and harmonious way to recovery. Unlike any newfangled diet he does not promise you instant results and does not require radical and hazardous steps; However, applying these principles in practice, you will notice that they are less likely to get sick and recover more easily that your sleep and normalizes weight, your sex life brings all the more fun your children learn better, but in life you are increasingly Fortune! "-so begins Barbara Temeli book" the five elements ", in which it had compiled a thousand secrets of traditional Chinese medicine that constitute a reliable basis for power systems, proven over centuries, and it is equally relevant to modern man as for the ancient sages-centenarians.

    Nutrition program for weight loss really interesting is contained in a system of five elements. Weight loss possible when restoring harmony within the body due to eating those foods that Yin-Yang balance in your body. The five elements is a natural and harmonious way to recovery.

    One of the aspects of energy foods is their relationship with the five Natural Energies, defining them as "natural affinities" (GUI Jing) with those or other bodies physiological and energy system. Among the many properties and phenomena associated with five energies most directly related to food are Five flavors and Daoist Alchemy classifies the products it is based on them. For example, if you have a weak liver, Chinese doctor may suggest that you have more energy the tree contained in acidic products; If the liver is inflamed or giperaktivna, it will advise you to refrain from sour. In this regard, it is interesting to note that people who consume large amounts of energy of the Earth in the form of sugar and sweets, very often suffer from chronic diseases of stomach-high acidity, peptic ulcer, nesvareniem, and this may well be due to overload Earth body energy system (i.e. the stomach) of excess energy.

    As you can see, the food is intended not only to make them taste or pleasing to the eye. Your health, clarity of your thinking, your adaptability to external and internal conditions are all intimately connected with one or another energy that you release in your body due to addiction to a particular food.

    Don't forget that your mouth is your mouth, your stomach is your stomach, and your life is, after all, your life. All you have to do is learn how to combine products during each meal and, applying the Tao diet "works" your way to health and happiness.

    Food is energy, it, like every energy flow, runs a cycle of transformation, or transformation. Everything we eat, grows from the soil or eats what it gives, food is filled with the energy of the Earth. All that gives the Earth, laced with water. In addition, Water linked with energy all processes of transportation and delivery of products in your home. Energy Metal charging foods during cooking (sliced, bat, straining it, mixing, etc. d.). In the process of cooking Fire transforms food, charging it with a new, stronger, more active life energy. Wood energy is energy of growth and development, which literally fills you in the process of eating life force. All these five elements should be presented in a harmonious balance and Energy Center of your home-in the kitchen and culinary dishes. If cook in conditions of energy imbalance or honoring her and your "natural" qualities, it happens energetically poor.

    Each product belongs to one of the five elements, and if you don't have enough Fire, for example, you can add it to any body "fiery" food. Each element has its own type of energy affects our body. Earth creates Rotary, circular energy, it nourishes the fat layer (this is, as you know, in any case, does not mean that they should be excluded from his "slimming" menu!), fire flies skyward, he is responsible for the blood and skin, water tends to move down, feeding the lower part of the body, metal inside, so energizes the internal organs, and the tree-outward in a spiral, feeding the upper part of the body.

    The harmonious combination of elements requires that none of the movements does not exceed its optimal level.

    If some element becomes dominant, the body starts to not work correctly. Accessory product to a pervoèlementu can be identified by its color, smell and taste.

    Wood Products

    Color and taste: green or acidic foods: broccoli, sorrel, cucumber, lemon, lime, vinegar.

    Meat: poultry.

    Grain: wheat.

    Fruit: peach.

    Vegetables: all green vegetables.

    Fire Products

    The color and flavor: red or spicy foods-beets, red pepper, tomatoes, radishes, horseradish, turnips, shrimp and other crustaceans, red wine.

    Meat: lamb, lamb.

    Grain: gooey millet.

    Fruits: plum.

    Vegetables: all red veggies.

    Earth Products

    Color and taste: yellow (orange brown) go sweet foods — curries, sweet potatoes, yams, pumpkin, peanut, Orange rind, egg yolks, honey, sugar, orange juice and orangeade.

    Meat: beef.

    Grains: millet.

    Fruit: apricot.

    Vegetables: sweet onions.

    Metal Products

    Color and taste: white or spicy food is white rice, soybeans, tofu, white fish, egg whites, milk, cream, yogurt, cabbage, ginger, allspice, mustard seed.

    Meat: horse meat.

    Cereals: rice.

    Nuts: chestnut.

    Vegetables: onions.

    Water Products

    Color and taste: black (dark) or salty foods are black beans, dark soy sauce, black pepper, black olives, dark dried and fresh mushrooms, fish sauce, and salt.

    Meat: pork.

    Grain: beans or peas.

    Fruit: dates.

    Vegetables: leeks.

    But not only the products belong to one or another element. People as part of the universal energy flow, having appeared on the light at a specific point in time, also possess the qualities of a given energy pervoèlementa. And this "fact", you should also consider that there are harmoniously and … lose weight.

    Perfect selection menu for each individual can make only a specialist, based on his natal chart (can be considered as her Chinese counterpart to the familiar us personal Horoscopes). If you are not going to be so deeply comprehend Chinese philosophy and art, and from now on and forever live only on its Chinese rules can successfully practice the "European" option. Most often it is even preferable, as more in tune with our nature and non-Chinese food. The five elements-the teaching flexible because "knows" the harmony and endlessly changing energy. It only gives direction, guidance, recommends and advises. Loving self and the surrounding world and developing your intuition, any European can pick up a "spontaneous"-harmonious diet based on affiliation to one of the elements, and most products listed below.

    People Tree have a thin body, strong bones. For a full life they need to move a lot. So they should eat enough ' vibrant ' food, but easy enough that blood does not become thick and they don't "solidified" (it is for this reason that they have problems with mobility of joints).

    The preferred products for people Tree

    Cereals: barley, corn, millet, buckwheat, rye, and oats.

    Dairy products: all avoided.

    Vegetable oils: all avoided.

    Fruits: dried fruits, apples, pears, pomegranates, cranberries.

    Vegetables: eat all the vegetables in raw form — cabbage, potatoes, peas, lettuce, spinach, parsley, celery, beans and olives.

    Nuts: avoid.

    Spices: ginger, saffron in a minimum quantity.

    Animal products: low fat beef, pork, rabbit.

    Soups: pea soup.

    Podslaŝivaûŝie foods: avoid.

    People of the fire have a strong body and active circulation. "Flaming" people need to take a lot of energy, because a lot of her preference.

    The preferred products for people of fire

    Cereals: wheat, wheat, oats, barley, white rice.

    Dairy products: milk, butter, butter melted.

    Vegetable oils: olive and sunflower.

    Fruit: sweet fruits, soaked dried fruit and stewed them, melon, watermelon.

    Vegetables: pumpkins, cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, beans, parsley is a root and parsley.

    Spices: coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, dill.

    Animal food: chicken, Turkey, egg protein. Eaten cold form.

    Podslaŝivaûŝie products: all except honey and black molasses.

    The people of Earth have tight figure, rounded shapes. Sustainable energy peculiar to them. But this stability is very easily makes the body fat and inflexible. For normal metabolism they need to include fluid, otherwise the body will suffer.

    The preferred products for people of the Earth

    Cereals: maize, millet, rye, dark figure.

    Dairy products: dairy products, cheese, buttermilk, sour cream.

    Vegetable oils: almond, Sesame, corn and olive oil.

    Fruits: grapefruit, sour oranges, quince, Sea-buckthorn, lemons, Cotoneaster and others with a sour taste.

    Vegetables: radish, tomato, beet, onion, garlic (toasted onions has conflicting properties).

    Spices: ginger, cumin, cloves, salt, celery seed and mustard, black pepper, red pepper.

    Nuts: cashew, peanuts.

    Animal food: beef, egg yolks, butter and red meat, lamb, fish, sea-food.

    Soups: nettle soup, radish soup.

    Podslaŝivaûŝie products: honey, molasses.

    People are fragile and Metal often have reduced power. They need supporting food, giving a more active, jánska, energy.

    The preferred products for people of metal

    Cereals: rice, wheat, sprouted wheat cooked as bread or soup, Len beans.

    Dairy products: all dairy products.

    Vegetable oils: all kinds.

    Fruits: all sweet fruits, melon, watermelon.

    Vegetables (expose weak heat treatment-quenching): beets, carrots, asparagus, young potatoes, cucumber, braised onions, dandelion, lettuce.

    Nuts: all kinds.

    Spices: onion, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, cumin, salt, cloves, mustard seeds.

    Food of animal origin: Goose, duck, fish, crayfish, horse, chicken, lamb, eggs, seafood.

    Soups: soup made from sprouted wheat, nettle soup, garlic soup, broth (in rare cases).

    Podslaŝivaûŝie products: honey, molasses, cane sugar, natural syrups and jams.

    People of the water tight and "raw". Own energy people water more weak, she easily leaves the body. They need more liquid food than other elements. Salt retains water in the body. But if a lot of salt water goes into excess, immediately begin swelling.

    Preferred Water products for people

    Cereals: barley, corn, millet, buckwheat, rye, and oats.

    Dairy products: milk, low fat, fresh butter, whey cheese.

    Vegetable oils: olive oil.

    Fruits: apples, pears, pomegranates, cranberries, grapes, persimmons, quince, Sea buckthorn; all dried fruits.

    Vegetables: radish, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, eggplant, green vegetables, lettuce, pumpkin, celery, spinach, parsley, beans, peas.

    Spices: all spices except salt.

    Animal food: chicken, lamb, eggs, sausage (all types of meat and sausage should be low-fat).

    Podslaŝivaûŝie products: honey.

    Because the five elements is the art to organize the movement of energy and food should be harmonious. And harmony, as we have already said, comes from the balance of the two forming the vital energy Qi of opposites, Yin and Yang. All products in one degree or another, are carriers of one of these two energies, as well as pervostihij. Dish, in which both energy, as well as the origin of balanced, are deemed to be neutral.

    Food Jan-hot, greasy, fried, spicy, dry, as well as of animal origin. Dish Jan-it is the strength, masculinity, activity, they generate internal heat and stimulate blood circulation. For example, red meat and red wine have pronounced Yang properties. Jan products include vegetables and fruits that ripen on the surface of the Earth. Food Yin-cool, wet, soft, liquid, dark in color, as well as of vegetable origin. Dishes yin is the feminine, give, stillness, they soothe and relax, help relieve the tension. Juice, milk, eggs and beans (soy) curd Yin properties. Roots also apply to products of yin. And if the plant is edible and the overground and underground part, what is under the ground, Yin, but that matured under the Sun-Yang. Rice, though, and gives fruit on the surface also has an equal number of yin and Yang, because its grains enclosed in a solid shell. But not everyone is so sure. The brewing process by steaming or boiling in water, for example, adds in′skoj energy products and baking and grilling on the fire-janska. Therefore, energy-neutral equilibrium itself is fried or baked fish is usually considered as Yang, and here in boiled-yin. Hot soup, thanks to fluid, referred to as in′skim. Crab meat and chicken, for example, is considered to be in′skoj food, but the duck and shrimp-janska.

    Yang (warm-hot): red meat, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, broccoli, ginger, butter, shrimp, walnuts, spicy pepper.

    Neutral: pork, milk, sweet potatoes, peanuts, noodles, rice, figs, carrots, honey, most spices.

    Yin (cool cool): crab, chicken, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, spinach, water or broth, mango ice cream, bean curd, green tea.

    Observing such a nutrition program, products and dishes can and should vary, depending on your condition and energy needs. For example, the harmonious, balanced meal may consist of roasted meat (Jan), a vegetable salad (yin) and neutral rice to garnish. But sometimes you want to compensate breached in one direction or another energy state: advance to stock up or restore them, on the contrary, relax. In the first case, of course, fit active ânskie dishes and products, the second, of course, in′skie.

    In addition, each season, each season has its own energy background, their "natural" qualities, but we'll talk about it separately.

    In General, as you have already understood, in this system, there are no rigid power framework and strict dietary requirements or prohibitions as is usually the case for dieting. It all depends on your state of health, intuition, and desire. Creativity and harmony, energy and joy should become indispensable guests at your table. And no more "diets", "Calorie counters and diehard soulless diets!

  • Диета №3

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