Liu Wei pills


Liu Wei pills

A well-known classical tool of Chinese traditional medicine, the first information about which is found in the treatises of famous Chinese doctors during the Song dynasty (tenth century AD).
They improve the excretory function of the kidneys, have an immunomodulatory, tonic and tonic effect, and increase the body's resistance to external factors.


Immunomodulating drug that improves renal excretory function, toning and strengthening. It normalizes the general metabolism, slows down the aging function of the body, improving vision, memory, hearing. It has good antioxidant properties. Reduces the level of cholesterol and lipids in blood counts. Pills are also effective for the general prevention of urolithiasis.


"Liu Wei" are unique pills of classical medicine in China. The first information about these pills was found in the medical treatises of the Song Dynasty. "Liu Wei" helps to improve the excretory function of the kidneys, having a tonic, immunomodulating and natural tonic effect. In addition, "Liu Wei" increases the resistance of the whole organism to external factors.

"Liu Wei" activates and normalizes metabolism, has antioxidant and anti-sclerotic effects, actively slowing down the aging process in the body. "Liu Wei" lowers and normalizes cholesterol levels, cleanses the liver and reduces its toxic damage, the level of lipids in the blood. Significantly improves hearing, vision, and memory function. According to traditional Chinese medicine, "Liu Wei" nourish the yin of the liver and kidneys. Significantly add the active substance Jing Qi, move and cool the blood, dry dampness through diuresis, remove stagnation, strengthen the liver and kidneys, lungs and spleen.


extract of Rehmannia gummy root (Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch.); Chinese yam rhizome extract (Dioscorea opposita Thunb.); extract of the fruit of the corn (dogwood) medicinal (Cornus officinalis Sieb. et Zucc.); extract of the rhizome of the eastern ditty (Alisma orientale (Sam.) Juzep.); extract of poria coconut (Poria cocos (Schw.) Wolf);


in the complex treatment of diseases of the genitourinary sphere (nephritis, prostatitis, emissions); in the complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of the female genital area, menstrual disorders, climacteric syndrome; overstrain of the lumbar muscles, aching pain in the lower back and knees, osteochondrosis of the spine; malnutrition in children (non-growth of fontanelle, pathological fragility of bones); in the complex treatment of bone tuberculosis; night sweats, feeling of heat in the palms and feet; dry mouth, hoarseness, atrophic pharyngitis; in the complex treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis; in the complex treatment of arterial hypertension; dizziness, ringing in the ears, hearing loss; neurasthenia, insomnia, decreased memory, intelligence; hair loss; eye diseases (senile cataract, inflammatory diseases of the retina, glaucoma); in the complex treatment of diabetes mellitus (type 1), hyperthyroidism, hepatitis; alcohol intoxication.

Mode of application:

Adults take 6 g of pills (approximately the volume of 1 cap) 2 times a day with meals. Duration of admission is up to 1 month.

Attention! While taking the pills, it is forbidden to eat spicy and fatty foods.

Release form: Pills in bottles of 60 g.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place.

Expiration date: 2 years.

Manufacturer: Harbin third pharmaceutical plant for the production of Chinese tonic products, China, Harbin, Daowai district, st. Xiaobazhan, 12.

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