Therapeutic massage

Testimony to the Chinese massage are illnesses of the oporno-impellent device, nervous, urogenital systems, digestive tract, respiratory system, recovery after operations and injuries. Good effect gives massage to dieters and get rid of cellulite.
The goal of Massage therapy is to restore the free flow of “Chi” energy and thereby bring harmony and balance to the body. During the massage is the redistribution of energy is balanced by the balance of yin and Yang, respectively increasing human capabilities.

Improves metabolism and restores their balance

Helps to restore the tissues of joints, intervertebral discs

relieves inflammation and pain caused by muscle spasms

improves the functioning of internal organs and body systems

increases immunity

Is not only a powerful healing tool, but also an excellent therapeutic procedure, humanization general condition or in accordance with the Meridian theory, conducive to restore the balance of Qi e nergy. During master Chinese massage exerts a selective and controlled stimulation of biologically active points, causing the harmonizing, toning or sedative effect depending on the tasks you solve problems related to overwork and stress, increases efficiency, improves memory that slows the aging of the skin and the whole organ ism is effective means of preventing the occurrence of many diseases.

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