Harmonizing massage for women

Price: 40 lev / 30 min

* The cost of the massage may vary depending on the specialist performing the massage

Ovarian massage improves metabolism, restores the work of the endocrine glands, normalizes the disturbed monthly cycle and eliminates pain, improves mood, relieves stress, restores sleep, and softens negative manifestations in menopause. Improves the condition of the skin of the face and body.

The impact on biologically active points and meridians gives a positive result on the entire body of a woman.

Navel oils and special harmonizing essential oils enhance the effect on the ovaries and internal organs.

The combination of special corrective and acupressure breast massage enhances blood circulation and tissue drainage. Eliminates sagging and sagging skin. The skin of the chest and décolleté area is tightened, it becomes more elastic and smooth. Excellent prevention of the appearance of neoplasms.



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