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A pressure point massage using massage beds

Effect of acupressure (pressure type with your fingers). When using the massage beds, the human body's own weight provides a stable pressure projector at the back muscles, thereby achieved the effect of acupressure and prevention of diseases of the vertebral column.

The human spine is an inactive part of the body in everyday life, especially thoracic. When working the massage beds 8 jade rollers interacCenter-imaget with points in the area of the spine, this creates the effect of acupressure and spine traction, relaxing the back muscles and thereby stimulating the nerve endings, freeing from the compressed nerve root reflexogenic zone.

Point pressure massage bed effect on reflexogenic zones to stimulate blood circulation, which in turn improves blood circulation and metabolism, helps remove decay products and reduces stress on the heart. In addition, reducing muscle tension of the back (spine), directly stimulated by the end of the sympathetic and Vagus nerves, eases breathing and diaphragm work. Effect of stretching using the massage bed comes from the movement of the projector's balls along the spine, in which the relaxation of muscles and fatigue. As a result of the use of massage beds removed muscle spasm and restored normal mobility of the vertebrae, pinched or pinched nerve endings.

In addition, when the point massage using massage bed effect of stretching (straightening) intervertebral discs and intervertebral ligaments, contributing to the correction and redress the wrong position of the vertebrae. As well as stimulates blood flow in the blood vessels, okolopozvonočnyh removed the pain sensation.

Effect of acupressure is:

Improvement of blood circulation, the withdrawal of the decay products, cleansing the blood. If you experience a muscle spasm — should be compressed blood vessels, nerve roots is disrupted the process of normal blood circulation — are having pain.

INFRARROJOAfter using the massage beds removed muscle spasm and musculo-ligamentous apparatus are becoming more flexible — eliminates the cause constriction of blood vessels is restored normal blood circulation process is accelerating output of waste products is accelerating the metabolism-increases immunity and organism in General.

If the muscles of the spine spasms, progressive curvature of the spine. Impact Massager relieves tension in the muscles of the back vertebrae, restores mobility contributes to the correction of spine. The necessary pressure point massage using massage bed provides its own weight.

Spot heating

The second of the basic principles of massage bed is a spot heating. In traditional Chinese medicine method of warming up is the impact on human body using heated or hot items to a certain level, it involves the stimulation of biologically active points of the body, resulting in improved circulation of energy.

Improvement of metabolism: under the influence of temperature and heating point speeds up the metabolism, consequently, increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the blood, and the output of waste products of the body (toxins).

Dilation of blood vessels: warming up with the help of massage beds dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation in the epidermis (the top layers of the skin).

Effects on muscle tissue: an increase in temperature stimulates muscle relaxation, relieves fatigue, resulting in increased elasticity and workability of the muscle mass. All fabrics are saturated with oxygen.

Improving the functioning of sweat glands: heating, influencing the sensitive nerves, stimulates the sweat glands in the area of the spine, facilitating the withdrawal of toxins from the body.

Anti-inflammatory and decontamination effect: process improvement of blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism, thereby increasing blood and oxygen in the blood, this in turn increases the body's immunity, stimulates wounds healing, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant action.

Infrared radiation

The basis of therapeutic effect of infrared radiation is warming up internal organs and tissues, as well as elaboration of negatively charged ions. With this accelerated process improves blood circulation, metabolism and development of nutrients. In addition, muscle spasms, cramps, pain, restores mobility of vertebrae.

130,882,566,671,081Projector Longwave infrared radiation includes jade and Helio-neon lamp. Jade is a source of longwave infrared radiation, which has better penetrability.

Improvement of the vital activity of cells: under the influence of longwave infrared radiation increases the biological activity of cells, including the elaboration of a protein, nucleic acid, thus, metabolism, improves immunity, regeneration (healing) the ability, resistance to harmful influences, biological balance.

Influence of long-wave infrared radiation: stimulation and improvement of blood circulation. When exposed to long-wave infrared radiation on skin receptors of the skin and irritation occurs, as a result, the reactions of the hypothalamus relaxes the smooth muscles of the blood vessels, resulting in vessels dilate.

Improve metabolism. When thermal effects of infrared radiation stimulates activity at the cellular level, improving the process of nejroregulâcii and metabolism.

Increased immunity. Infrared light has a positive effect on the production of makrofagocitov and the process of phagocytosis, strengthens the immune system at the cellular and the liquid level. In addition, there is stimulation of the synthesis of amino acids, active cells, accelerates the production of nutrients and enzymes. Bacterial decontamination and neutralization of harmful substances. Reduction of pain.

Effect of jade

Who among us has not experienced in childhood pleasure of lying on heated under summer sun stones by the river or on the smooth pebbles from the beach? Indeed, the stones there is an important physical property: they are able to accumulate a lot of heat and give it away gradually. That is why stones since ancient times used to heat to the body for therapeutic purposes.

867,025Jade is a calcium silicate, magnesium and iron with very small needles amphibole. Stone has a number of unique properties: it is very viscous and therefore very durable, it only cut diamond. Whack to make a hole in it, nephrite, but not break it. It is a stone with a strong energy. Helps people seeking to expand their consciousness and spirituality, to achieve the goals. Jade properties are unique: they encourage the person to change and the changes at the domestic level, and behavior, and often lead and to external changes.

Medicinal properties of jade.

As a healer heals many diseases that jade is very useful jade ware, massage cushions and pillows to sleep with tabbed pieces of jade, massage tools. He heals a toothache, kidneys, urinary system, outlet ducts, destroys organs and duct stones from them, reduces kidney colic, normalizes the cardiovascular activity. Jade perfectly copes with nervous diseases, calms, removes from depressions. He also treats the circulatory system and 234bone marrow, actively eliminates problems with the spleen. The stone is very shown as an ideal alternative to warm and play compressor. If the stone is constantly contact with the area of the stomach (when worn under clothing), You can count on a cure this area, healing from even the most severe ulcers. Imposed on the sore spots of jade plates doctor defeat or pain quickly, energy healing the sick place. He is good at withdrawing any internal and external inflammation. Jade fosters the regeneration, which means that rejuvenates the body, prolonging the life of the owner.

The most important property for physical health is good spirits. Dejection is akin to death.

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