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When muscle tone is disturbed, two types of changes appear: chronic muscle clamps (spasms) and muscle atony. As a rule, mimic wrinkles are formed in the clamping zone, and sagging tissues in the relaxation zone.

Myofascial facial massage is a non-surgical facial modeling using the “circular lift” type. It is aimed at restoring tissue tone and correcting age-related changes. This massage begins from the head, where the tendon helmet and the area of the auricle, where traces of age are always visible, are actively worked out. The double chin area and facial muscles are also carefully worked out. In this case, the impact is produced by the method of mechanical coupling, rather than sliding.

Myofascial massage is one of the most effective techniques that helps to relax, get rid of nervousness and irritability, and also has an amazing effect. The result of work not only on external, but also on internal beauty is felt.

After sessions of myofascial massage, wrinkles in the forehead area almost completely disappear, crow's feet disappear in the corners of the eyes and the nasolabial triangle is smoothed out. Muscle spasms and tensions pass, and a natural blush appears on the cheeks. There is a surge of vitality and a great mood appears. After several sessions, the blood circulation in the head as a whole is significantly improved, dizziness stops and the heart rate is often normalized.

Chinese facial massage

It has been noticed that Chinese women retain their youth and beauty more than women of other Nations. And that’s not good genetics or special climate, their secret Chinese rejuvenating massage. Regular massage movements consists not only in the field of culture, but also in the everyday life of Chinese beauties. Famous ladies to hire yourself Massage people just tried to make himself a rejuvenating Massage alone.
Chinese massage-is a reflection of the ancient Chinese knowledge of the structure of the human body and its vital energy, and because it is very different from European. For Chinese rejuvenating massage is mainly a transfer of energy. Warm strokes along the meridians, the exact pressure on acupuncture points Chinese master does not extend and does not cause any skin.

Massage result:

  • Slows down the drying of the skin
  • Preserved or restored good facial shape
  • Slows down the appearance of wrinkles Eliminates wrinkles already established
  • Strengthens the muscles of the face and neck –
  • Cleanse the skin of keratinized cells and fat traffic
  • Resorption occurs on the skin scars, as well as stamps, emerging from the youth of Acne Vulgaris
  • Vanish wrinkles and double chins
Another ancient principle, strictly followed in our Center-approach to each client must be comprehensive and strictly individual. Doctors of Chinese medicine teaches that each individual organ disease is a disease of the whole organism. Accordingly, if the current doctor of Chinese medicine will make you a rejuvenating facial massage, this is beyond any kind of problems (swelling, redness, double chin) will see the body of the disease. And in the course of acupressure Massage will decide not only aesthetic, but also harmonize the whole body issues.


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