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Warming with wormwood cigars or moxibustion is a method of treatment that has proven its effectiveness for several thousand years. Already in ancient China, and in the East in general, this procedure was used to expel a disease. During the session, you feel warmth, blood flow and energy to the affected area. The place and duration of the manipulation is determined by the doctor after diagnosis. As a rule, the cigar is placed on active points, as well as places of spasms, painful areas in the spine and joints.

Operating principle

The thermal effect on the points is similar to acupuncture - it activates the flow of blood and Qi energy along the meridian, improves the blood supply to organs and joints, fills the entire body with heat. This method removes the accumulation of moisture and wind from the body. Cigar smoke has a beneficial effect, as wormwood has a disinfecting, soothing and relaxing effect. Do not be afraid of painful feelings, the skin is reliably protected from smoldering particles. This is a non-contact method of treatment, although the Chinese themselves prefer to be treated by burning points on the body with the tip of a cigar.

The effect of heat on the joints during escalation of rheumatic diseases, arthritis, arthrosis at the inner deep level revitalizes tissues, cartilage and bones. The heat goes deep into the joint, bringing relief. And again, this effect can only be achieved with the help of moxibustion.

The principle of moxibustion is as follows: We expel cold, moisture, and with them disease. We return fire, warmth, and with them health.

Price 1 zone - 15 levs

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