Consulting a psychotherapist

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Psychotherapy (from other Greek. ψυχή — "soul", "spirit" + θεραπεία-"treatment", "improvement", "medicine") is a system of therapeutic effects on psyche and through the psyche of the human organism.

We can help you:

Solve family problems, conflicts, infidelity, divorce, difficulties in child-parent relationship and learn how to create a harmonious relationship

Get rid of depression, fear, anxiety, panic attacks, psychological dependencies

To overcome the difficulties in communicating with people, fear of public speaking, examinations

Solve the nutrition problems (anorexia, bulimia, etc.)

Coping with irritability, obsessive thoughts, etc.

What is bothering you

It is obvious that people are always in need of psychological support, guidance, understanding what happens to them and they received such an explanation. These functions assume the tribe elders, shamans, priests and other powerful. Relatively recent spiritual human life became the subject of science as a medical and psychological. Accordingly, psychotherapy are now doctors and psychologists. Every interaction between people bears psychotherapeutic message. Conventionally, we can say that if a man preoccupied with his mental state appealed to the psychologist, we are talking about the problem and the client, and the process is called psychological counseling, but if it fell into the hands of the doctor-therapist, the patient, illness and psychotherapy, although this may not be the same hungry for assistance. At the same time, if you submit a single continuum of all psychological suffering, where one end of the spectrum are the most pronounced disorder and on the other the least significant, then the first will be more widely represented psychotherapy and counseling.

Psychotherapy is a conversation with those who got in trouble, provides an opportunity to express their concerns and helps you understand what is the essence of this scourge, and find the exit.

Psychotherapy is a treatment means soul, heal the soul. Psychotherapy is regarded as the correction process, which aims at achieving a more effective person. You can tell that person to help psychotherapy to be happy.

In this regard, the main goal of psychotherapy — education flexibility, ability to find new effective strategy to accumulate and rational use of energy resources, provide enthusiasm, optimism.

Good or bad, but psychotherapy is not only science, much of it from art and craft is present. Science is a theoretical framework, the results of scientific analysis of psychotherapeutic process art — It is a process of individual creativity in the therapeutic work and craft — everyday work skills brought to automaticity. And it's all there and it's all necessary.

The criteria for the effectiveness of psychotherapy:

  • Elimination or compensation for the painful symptoms
  • Changing attitudes about self
  • Understanding of their own role in conflict
  • Understanding psychological mechanisms of their illness
  • Increased ability to comprehend new experiences
  • Increase the degree of social adaptation

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