From 2015. together with Russian-Chinese Whether West Corporation specifically for European countries planned to conduct training seminars for doctors of traditional Chinese medicine with the issuance of international certificates.  Training is offered for continuing education in health Tânczinskom International University in China.

Center periodically gathers groups and conducts training seminars for cosmetologists, massage therapists, pharmacists and those wishing to familiarize themselves with the basics of traditional Chinese medicine.

Conducted 3-day theoretical and practical seminars group of no more than 6 people.



Programme of training seminars:

Workshop No. 1

  1. TCM and modern medicine.
  2. Theory Of Yin-Yang
  3. Wu-Xing Theory
  4. Imperial jade massage scrapers (Guasha). Theory and practice.

Workshop # 2

  1. Meridiani and points.
  2. Dense and hollow organs.
  3. Foot massage.
  4. Massage, Gua Sha head.

Workshop No. 3

  1. Six pathogenic factors.
  2. Fashion and health.
  3. Harmonising massage (massage of the ovaries).
  4. Breast massage.

Workshop # 4

  1. Lack or stagnation of qi and blood.
  2. The causes of diseases and their symptoms.
  3. Massage, Gua Sha.
  4. Cup massage.




Workshop # 5

  1. The problem of pigmentation, acne.
  2. Features of Chinese cosmetics.
  3. Qigong
  4. Dynamic facial massage.

Workshop # 6

  1. Periods of life.
  2. Aging causes. <
  3. Zones (diagnosis in the face).
  4. Lymphatic drainage facial massage.

Workshop No. 7

  1. Dietetics.
  2. The problem of weight loss.
  3. Abdominal massage.
  4. Lymphodrainage massage of the body.

Workshop No. 8

  1. Active time meridians.
  2. Music therapy.
  3. Effect of oils for the body and for the navel in Chinese cosmetology: "through an external influence on internal".
  4. Anti-cellulite massage total body.



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