Vacuum cupping massage

Price: 40 lev / 30 min

* The cost of the massage may vary depending on the specialist performing the massage

It is very common to treat various diseases with cupping massage procedures. The basis of the cupping massage is the reflex method, which is based on the occurrence of hyperemia, irritation of the skin receptors with the help of the vacuum created in the can.

Thanks to the influence of cupping massage, it is possible to improve the peripheral circulation of blood, interstitial fluid and lymph. Metabolism is accelerated, various stagnation phenomena are eliminated, skin respiration is enhanced in that part of the body that is affected. In addition, the nutrition of the skin and muscles improves, the release of under-oxidized and toxic substances on the skin surface increases. With the help of a vacuum, it is possible to induce a local inflow of lymph and blood from deep-lying tissues to the skin, which creates a reflex effect on the vascular system of internal organs.

Due to the occurrence of hyperemia * (overflow of blood vessels of the circulatory system) of the skin in the affected areas, various biologically active substances are formed that stimulate recovery and metabolic processes. At the same time, the skin becomes more elastic, its resistance to mechanical and temperature factors increases, the elasticity and tone of muscles increases, and their contractile function improves.

Everyone who has experienced the canning procedure at least once knows well that after it has been carried out, stains (extravasates) remain on the affected areas. Such hemorrhagic spots appear on the skin due to small capillary hemorrhages, since functional structural changes occur in the vascular walls. Long-term practice of this procedure has shown that when using even the maximum vacuum values, the vascular walls of the capillaries retain their integrity, and only point hemorrhages - extravasates can occur.

Experts consider the phenomenon of the appearance of such spots after such a session as a very important component of treatment, and even diagnosis. The substances contained in the stains are substrates of their own blood. That is, vacuum therapy is an autohemotherapy that enhances immunity and protective functions in case of susceptibility to various viral diseases. Cupping massage (vacuum therapy) is one of the most effective physiological non-drug methods of healing the body. This method acts on the body by mobilizing its own resources.

The vacuum therapy procedure is recommended to be carried out 2-3 times a week.

We recommend combining with other types of massages.


  • Overweight;
  • Localized fat deposits
  • Cellulite


Pulmonary bleeding, pulmonary tuberculosis in the active stage, malignant and benign tumors, hemorrhagic diathesis, skin diseases and its sharp sensitivity, blood diseases, severe exhaustion of the patient, cardiac arrhythmias and conduction disorders, hypertension of the 3rd degree, thrombophlebitis, second and third trimester pregnancy



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