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Chinese medicine originated many centuries ago and during that time managed to amass a huge experience and a lot of knowledge about prevention and treatment of diseases.

We invite you to visit our Center of Chinese Traditional Medicine, which combines the experience of Ancient China and knowledge of modern Western medicine. This approach provides a complete diagnosis of the organism, as well as fast and efficient treatment, prevention of various diseases.

Chinese medicine

The history of Chinese medicine is more than three thousand years old; it is the ancestor of oriental treatment. However, only in the last 60–70 years scientific interest to TCM has grown, confirming the effectiveness of its methods. Chinese techniques have gained recognition and are being actively applied all over the world.

Whoever takes - fills the palms, who gives - fills the heart.

Chinese medicine uses teachings of internal organs Zang Fu as the basic model

Zang organs - liver, heart, lungs, spleen, and kidneys. They perform the accumulation function. Hollow organs Fu- gall bladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, urinary bladder. They belong to bodies-distributors. All organs and systems are integrated into the meridians, in which energy circulates. On the surface of the meridians biologically active points are located, which are used in Chinese medicine, especially in acupuncture, acupressure and other procedures. An important difference between Chinese traditional medicine is an individual approach to treating the whole body of the patient. In addition, Chinese medicine has a serious prophylactic direction. Treatment do not cause side effects.

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Chinese medicine originated many centuries ago and during that time managed to amass a huge experience and a lot of knowledge about prevention and treatment of diseases.

Chinese medicine in Bulgaria - professional diagnostics and treatment of diseases by traditional methods

We provide an individual approach to clients. Now, traditional Chinese medicine became more available. Using ancient Chinese techniques, - acupuncture, acupressure, massage, herbal medicine, can not only treat the body, but also save the energy of the organism and maintain high vitality.

Our Center offers everybody to pass not only a one-time procedure, but also courses to treat different diseases.

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Leading experts

Professor Dr. Ni

Dr. Ni

Professor Gennady Ni. Doctor - psychoneurologist, professor of traditional Chinese medicine in Cerebrology and neuropsychiatric diseases, psychotherapist, Qigong instructor

Cosmetologist Natalia Sakharova

Natalia Sakharova

TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) cosmetologist, Qigong instructor, TCM specialist

Doctor Dr. Pavel Ni.

Dr. Pavel Ni.

Doctor – Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine,, Qigong instructor, specialist in Chinese massage techniques

Cosmetologist Anna Ni

Anna Ni

Cosmetologist - massage therapist, specialist in Chinese massage techniques

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